Event Management
Event Management
What they say...

The Festival was even more complex than those of previous years, and to be able to stage an event attracting an audience of over 300,000 people over 3 days, was testimony to the skills and efforts of you and your team.

Not many people really understand the complexity of organising an event of this magnitude in a climate of probing legislation, but your ability to organise logistics, to secure local and international acts, to undertake far reaching safety assessments and put in place the required safety systems to bring forward innovation and ingenuity in order to continue developing the event, and to manage the event over three arduous days with a multiplicity of issues to solve, shows you not only understand the requirements, but also that you know how to go about delivering them.

Brian Watson - Chairman Whitehaven International Maritime Festival
With our creative input, we can help design your event, source a suitable venue, advise on and confirm site infrastructure and book the entertainment. We hire in appropriate security and medical staffing and oversee the traffic management plan. Adhering to the 'leave no trace' principle, we make every effort to be as environmentally aware as possible whilst exploring the options for recycling and alternative energy solutions. We closely follow the event all of the way through to delivery and beyond, producing and managing carefully controlled budgets whilst staying within our financial constraints. We have extensive experience in the raising of revenue by selling catering and bar concessions, funfair and entertainment rights and exhibitor space.